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What does iGen mean?

“iGen” is a shortened version of the term “iGeneration,” the demographic cohort that follows the Millennial generation. There is no clear definition of when that distinction is made, but most demographers and researchers agree that their births occurred sometime between the mid-1990’s and late-2000’s. They’ve earned this name by having an almost instant attachment to the technology provided to us during the iPhone revolution.

So what?

Many Americans are discouraged by today’s youth. So much so, that describing someone as a “millennial” is hailed as an insult. Millennials are often correctly characterized by their naivety, strong feelings of entitlement, little sense self-responsibility, and laziness. But iGen’ers are different. As children, they watched their parents struggle during the Great Recession. This taught them to be independent and has given them a strong entrepreneurial mentality. They have good relationships with their parents, and they trust their advice. This has led them to be more risk-adverse in certain troublesome activities that teenagers often find themselves in. Additionally, iGen’ers have practically no memory of what America was like before 9/11. The threat of global terrorism has had a lasting impact on the worldview of this generation and has affected the way they view America’s national security. It should come as no surprise then, that the IGeneration has been found to generally be more conservative than its Millennial predecessor.